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Everything we do revolves around our Mission Statement:


"To Lead People Into Becoming Fully Devoted Followers Of Jesus Christ, and To Bring Hope To A Broken World."  


Here are a few of our ministries.

Adult Ministry


There are several things that we are very intentional about when it comes to our adult ministries.


#1. Sunday mornings. We call every Sunday morning "The Main Event," and that is because we try very hard to focus on every aspect of the family on Sundays. While the children are being ministered to in their very own environments, Pastor W.J. has always felt that we should do everything in our power to focus on every single adult, regardless of where they are in their walk with Jesus Christ.


Sunday Mornings are very evangelistic for us, and rarely does a service ever end without giving a call to those who are lost and far away from God, but what about those who are very stable and secure in their faith? Each week we ask God to give us messages from His Word that are relevant regardless of where you are with God. Pastor W.J. says, "Regardless of where you are, if you will take these simple truths from scripture, apply them, and then live them out every single day, you will be changed forever."


Early on in our ministry, we decided that a "win" for us as a church is LIFE CHANGE! It is when someone turns away from sin and from their old lives, and make a decision to follow hard after God.


Our Sunday morning services are translated into Spanish through wireless headsets, and we would like to extend a welcome to all of our Hispanic friends!


#2. We also offer Wednesday Night Bible Study which is where discipleship happens. Our mid-week services are meant to strengthen those who are weakened, and also to deepen those who are well established in their faith.


#3. We offer Life Groups on Sunday nights for seniors, couples, and singles. Life Groups are conversational environments where our adults can pour their life experiences into each other, and experience life together.


#4. We offer many other activities for adults as well such as:

  • Outreaches to the less fortunate, and assisting senior adults.

  • A weekly prayer meeting.

  • Women's Ministries breakfasts, and retreats.

  • Fellowship events for our Men.


We would love for you to come and be a part of what God is doing in our midst!

Life Groups


Our Life Groups are conversational environments where you can explore faith, experience community, and grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. These groups are intentionally small, only up to 12 people in a group, and there is a group for you, no matter your age, gender, relationship status, or where you are in your walk with God.


Our Life Groups meet on Sunday nights at 6 p.m. in homes all over the Pageland area.  We also have Life Groups for Children and Teens every Sunday night at 6 p.m. at the HFWC Sanctuary.


If you are interested in joining a Life Group you can fill out a registration form located at the Resource Center at one of our services, send an email requesting more information to, or call our offices at 843-672-6704.





The purpose of the Youth Ministry at Hope Family Worship Center is to teach our young people the principles of living a Christ centered life.  When our youth leave the HFWC youth group our desire is that we have equipped them with the foundations needed to live a successful life spiritually, personally, and professionally.


Overflow Youth Services are held every Sunday Night at the HFWC Sanctuary at 6:01 P.M.



The Aquanauts is an energy filled place for kids between 6 to12 where they can come and experience God’s word in a way that is unique, exciting, engaging, and aimed at kids their age.  We believe in using things like games, videos, puppets, music, action figures, costumes, and anything else we can put our hands on to present God’s love for children and show them that they’re special in His eyes! Our focus is instilling Biblical knowledge on a platform that makes learning exciting and fun! Each class ends with a trip to our “Gift Shop” where kids can redeem their “Aqua Coins” for prizes and candy! Our Children's Ministry Mission Statement is "to provide a fun and entertaining environment where kids are shown the love of Christ through God’s word and an understanding that they are all special, unique, and loved by Him."  Bring your kids and let them dive in, and they will want to come back again and again!


Because of the space limitations at the Community Center where we meet on Sunday mornings, the Aquanauts are loaded onto one of our buses and taken to the HFWC Sanctuary (less than a minute away) as soon as our services begin.  We have a very anointed Children's Pastor and a team of committed workers who watch after your children as if they were their own, and when the services are over at the Community Center, all you have to do is pull up to the front door of our Sanctuary and a member of our staff will bring your child out to your car safe and sound!

Bumble Bees


Bumble Bees is an action packed class set up for children between the ages of 3-5. We realize that it’s never too soon to start teaching kids just how much Jesus loves them and holds them in His hands! The curriculum we use has been designed for preschoolers and it is loved by both the kids and parents alike! Each class contains a craft to take home and a snack provided by our workers! Allow your kids to take flight into God’s world through Bumble Bees!

Tater Tots


Our nursery is open for babies between 0-2 years of age. We lovingly call them the “Tater Tots” and we go to great lengths to provide a fun, safe place for them to be watched over during the service! We have great staff on hand who loves children and stands ready to watch over your young ones from beginning to end so you can enjoy the service knowing your child is being very well taken care of! However, if you choose to stay with your child in the nursery during the service, there is a TV provided for you to watch the service live as it happens so you won't miss a thing!




***Our Bumble Bees and our Tator Tots stay at the Community Center with us during our Sunday morning services!


For more information on our Children's Ministries, please feel free to email our Children's Pastor at


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